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    Success in solving problems in geometry can depend on being able to draw a clear, accurate diagram

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    Skeletal Geo Set is a great math manipulative for hands-on discovery of 2D and 3D geometry principles

  • R 40.00 In stock

    A set of 6 fraction dice. 

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    Transform and mirror your way to learning success! 

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    Tangrams (plastic 4 Sets) measure 10cm x 10cm x 0.5cm and can be used to learn about congruent and similar shapes, symmetry, angles, area and fractions.

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    Geometric Shape Tracer (17PCS) set helps with teaching of shape recognition, number of sides, and angles.  

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    This multipurpose measuring device can be used as a compass, protractor and traditional ruler. No need to purchase separately

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    8 different length flexible sticks that snap together.

  • R 40.00 In stock

    Perform a wide variety of geometric constructions with the GeoTool and its built-in protractor, ruler, and straightedge! 

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    The 2D/3D Geometry Flip Charts help students learn about the relationships between 3D objects, 2D nets, vertices, faces and edges.

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    These bendable, snap-together sticks are a captivating way to introduce children to early geometry concepts!

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    This freestanding fraction flip chart features 4 sets of flips, double sided with 6 ways to teach fractions concepts.

  • R 105.00 In stock

    South African Madiba play money consists of Rands and cents.

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    Demonstrate fractions, percentages and equivalencies with these unique magnets.  Helps visual and kinesthetic learners understand fractions.

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    Demo-sized magnetic base ten set made from flexible magnets consisting of 121 foam pieces.

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    Base Ten Student Mat (Single)

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    Percentage Tiles

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    Decimal Tiles

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    These magnetic, high quality chalk or white board geometry instruments are designed with easy to read graduations and have convenient removable handles. 

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    Use these bright, engaging foam counters to help build place value skills. 

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    Illustrating the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents is a snap with this set of 51 color-coded cubes.

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    This 24-Hour clock is a great way to help children grasp time-telling skills.

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    Fraction Circles Printed

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    Demonstration fraction set

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    Transparent linking base ten set enables children to engage with abstract concepts using real world examples of units, tens, hundreds, thousands, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The product’s transparent nature makes it easier for children to understand concepts like volume, depth, fractions and decimals as they can actually see each...

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    Transparent base ten allows the teacher to use the three-dimensional units, rods, and flats on the overhead projector. Students can better understand the deci-cube concept as one thousand units.

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