• R 250.00 In stock

    Watch This Face encourages children to recognize facial expressions and match them to the physical or emotional situations that would trigger these feelings.

  • R 150.00 In stock

    Create and Tell Me A Story Cards, Circus Adventure

  • R 270.00 In stock

    The Phonemic Awareness Fun Deck contains rhyming picture cards that children will adore!

  • R 378.00 In stock

    A two-tone test of logic and reasoning!

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Line Links Travel Game 

  • R 600.00 In stock

    Develop curiosity with this engaging early skills activity set. Ideal for developing a range of key skills from an early age.

  • R 325.00 In stock

    Quercetti's Tecno - 160 pieces with screws, bolts and washers of all types to be screwed into the special threaded board, to create an infinite range of flat and 3D structures. An ideal toy to familiarise children with mechanical concept and to develop motor skills and creativity.  

  • R 325.00 In stock

    With Quercetti's Filo it’s fun to trace brightly designs with colored laces. Just push a lace into the special pen, press it into the exclusive board’s self-locking slots, and then realize your masterpiece. The design can be quickly cancelled simply pulling out laces, to start drawing again.

  • R 335.00 In stock

    Skeletal Starter Geo Set doubles as a construction set and as an introductory math manipulative for hands-on discovery of 2D and 3D geometry principles.

  • R 275.00 In stock

    Who’s to Blame Logic Game

  • R 300.00 In stock

    Use these colourful activity cards with our "All About Me Family" Counters to reinforce maths themes and social development.

  • R 295.00 In stock

    Link them up from trunk to tail!

  • R 365.00 In stock

    Snap together and pull apart these tactile butterflies for shape learning fun

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Enter Ryan's Room by Small World Toys and pick-out just "What Doesn't Belong" in this engaging game.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Learn about opposites by matching the 10 sets of photos. Simple opposites to pair with their corresponding photo. Develops the concept of opposites and hand-eye coordination.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Which comes first, the planting the seed or the sprouting flower? They'll recognize familiar objects and actions in the whimsical illustrations, and have fun assembling the 12 puzzles. When put together the right way, the illustration might show a child serving a plate and then eating, or putting on pajamas and getting into bed.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Learn simple sequencing while completing the self-correcting 3-piece puzzle. Which actions do we do first, second, or third?  Children will recognize familiar activities in the whimsical illustrations, and have fun assembling the 12 puzzles. When put together the right way, the illustration might show a child serving a plate and then eating, or putting on...

  • R 170.00 In stock

    Match tiles to pattern cards to create a pictures. Create pictures and complete puzzles! Using 16 geometric plastic shapes and 18 working cards!  Assemble simple pictures using various geometric shapes according to the shape glossary.  Some cards have only the finished shape making them more challenging.  Start with easy puzzles and finish with complex...

  • R 574.00 In stock

    Brighten up learning with these colour paint pots and sorting objects.

  • R 316.00 In stock

    The shaking, sliding, matching game

  • R 1,020.00 In stock

    Magnetic Picture Patterning Game

  • R 276.00 In stock

    16 Mazes, Right in Your Hand

  • R 468.00 In stock

    Stacking and puzzle activities in one wooden toy.

  • R 750.00 In stock

    Matching and patterning fun with bright wooden birds and magnets!

  • R 515.00 In stock

    Develop a multitude of math skills with mini-muffin counters as Squeezy Tweezers are used to pick up the muffin counters and drop them into the correct section of the plastic muffin pan.

  • R 266.00 In stock

    Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set (TM)

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