• R 250.00 In stock

    Watch This Face encourages children to recognize facial expressions and match them to the physical or emotional situations that would trigger these feelings.

  • R 168.00 In stock

    I Heard Your Feelings Flash Cards helps guide children in the emotional dynamics of every day situations.

  • R 185.00 In stock

    What Do I Do Flash Cards are a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of subverted social expectations.

  • R 295.00 In stock

    Learn about counting and shapes with this classic Orchard Toys game, based on the popular nursery rhyme. Be the first to move your cute 3D spider up the drainpipe before it starts to rain!

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    Out of stock

    This ingenious memory game from Orchard Toys is a big hit with all kids 

  • R 215.00 In stock

    Blast into space with this fun counting and matching game!Develops counting and matching skillsBlast into space and count the loop-the-loops!Suitable for ages 4-7

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Line Links Travel Game 

  • R 600.00 In stock

    Develop curiosity with this engaging early skills activity set. Ideal for developing a range of key skills from an early age.

  • R 475.00 In stock

    Make hundreds of words with this set of engaging, colour-coded dominoes that encourages word building skills. 

  • R 470.00 In stock

    Long Vowel Phonics Dominoes are a fun, hands-on way for beginning readers to practice word-formation skills and build their confidence on the road to reading success.

  • R 470.00 In stock

    Develop an understanding of short vowels with this fun family game. 

  • R 275.00 In stock

    Develop social and emotional skills with these brightly coloured cubes. Images and prompts will encourage young children to think about how they are feeling and to talk about their emotions

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Enter Ryan's Room by Small World Toys and pick-out just "What Doesn't Belong" in this engaging game.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Grow your language skill with the "Build A Word." Children can match two words and come up with a compound word; discovering new words unrelated to the two original image tiles. This set contains 36 brightly illustrated game cards to create 12 compounds words. Helps to increase kids' general knowledge and vocabulary.

  • R 242.00 In stock

     "1, 2, 3 GO!" helps to learn how to quantify numbers.  Players form a chain of numbered pieces from beginning to the end of a path while learning to identify numbers, their value and their quantity. Set includes game board, 2 dice and 12 number cylinders; helps to develop judgment, fine motor skills plus hand-eye coordination.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Learn about opposites by matching the 10 sets of photos. Simple opposites to pair with their corresponding photo. Develops the concept of opposites and hand-eye coordination.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Find the words that rhyme and you solve the puzzle.  Children love figuring out which words rhyme and matching the 2-piece puzzles. The images on each puzzle piece help early readers recognize the printed words. The puzzle pieces are self-correcting: each set fits together only one way.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Which comes first, the planting the seed or the sprouting flower? They'll recognize familiar objects and actions in the whimsical illustrations, and have fun assembling the 12 puzzles. When put together the right way, the illustration might show a child serving a plate and then eating, or putting on pajamas and getting into bed.

  • R 162.00 In stock

    Learn simple sequencing while completing the self-correcting 3-piece puzzle. Which actions do we do first, second, or third?  Children will recognize familiar activities in the whimsical illustrations, and have fun assembling the 12 puzzles. When put together the right way, the illustration might show a child serving a plate and then eating, or putting on...

  • R 170.00 In stock

    Match tiles to pattern cards to create a pictures. Create pictures and complete puzzles! Using 16 geometric plastic shapes and 18 working cards!  Assemble simple pictures using various geometric shapes according to the shape glossary.  Some cards have only the finished shape making them more challenging.  Start with easy puzzles and finish with complex...

  • R 316.00 In stock

    The shaking, sliding, matching game

  • R 275.00 In stock

    Roll these tactile cubes and inspire writing ideas!

  • R 265.00 In stock

    Get your child talking by rolling these appealing cubes!

  • R 275.00 In stock

    Boost reading and listening comprehension with these 6 foam cubes that target after reading skills while encouraging creativity

  • R 405.00 In stock

    Colourful family counters represent people and pets in all families (72pcs).

  • R 470.00 In stock

    Reinforce children's understanding of blends and digraphs with fun domino game play!

  • R 720.00 In stock

    Recognise various emotions on the faces of others.

  • R 245.00 In stock

    Emotion Cubes

  • R 750.00 In stock

    Matching and patterning fun with bright wooden birds and magnets!

  • R 266.00 In stock

    Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set (TM)

  • R 215.00 Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Learn to tell the time with this lotto game

  • R 465.00 In stock

    The action-packed game that gets children talking and learning about literature.

  • R 419.00 In stock

    Breaking News is a tremendous language game that encourages children to practice a range of vital language skills including punctuation, spelling, verb tense, sentence grammar and vocabulary.

  • R 270.00 In stock

    The Phonemic Awareness Fun Deck contains rhyming picture cards that children will adore!

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    Out of stock

    Build Reading Skills, Three Letters at a Time

  • R 345.00 In stock

    Teaches Words That Are Essential to Reading!

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    Out of stock

    Your child's first game!

  • R 345.00 In stock

    Bingo with a Zing!

  • R 300.00 In stock

    Use these colourful activity cards with our "All About Me Family" Counters to reinforce maths themes and social development.

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