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    Power up imaginations with this creative construction set! Children drill colourful patterns into the design board. 

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    These 2cm connecting cubes assist in the development of counting, sorting, sequencing, graphing, patterning, measuring and basic mathematics skills as well as enhance their spatial awareness, problem solving, creativity and fine motor skills.  These blocks are virtually indestructible and can be built in all directions. These cubes can be used on their...

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    Transparent linking base ten set enables children to engage with abstract concepts using real world examples of units, tens, hundreds, thousands, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The product’s transparent nature makes it easier for children to understand concepts like volume, depth, fractions and decimals as they can actually see each...

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    Activity Foam 100 Board

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    Fraction Circles Printed

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    Helps children in visualising numbers to develop number sense, and to become proficient in addition and subtraction. 

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    Use these bright, engaging foam counters to help build place value skills. 

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    This 24-Hour clock is a great way to help children grasp time-telling skills.

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    Develop a multitude of math skills with mini-muffin counters as Squeezy Tweezers are used to pick up the muffin counters and drop them into the correct section of the plastic muffin pan.

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